The Maame Amponsah Memorial Foundation (MAM Foundation) is an organization founded up in January 2015 by the Rev Dr. Kobina Ofosu-Donkoh. The Foundation was named in honor of an industrious African woman, who died in the process of giving birth due to lack of proper and adequate medical facilities in a rural Ghanaian Community.

The organization is aspired to assist and offer support to divested communities in Accra and outlying communities. The core of MAM foundation activities are in the rural and under-privilege areas of Ghana. The organization is set up in support of different variety of services through volunteering work in the field of Health and Education interventional programs.

MAM foundation is recognized for its contribution in health and education in rural and deprived communities. MAM foundation has supported the efforts of Government of Ghana through the local and district authorities in the health and educational sector. The list of our efforts to bring smiles back on the faces of those who lost all hopes seeking health care and assessing education is tremendous.  Today MAM foundation has made a considerable shift in its programming approach. From direct service provision to enabling poor and vulnerable groups, MAM foundation is evolving into a rights-based organization in order to spearhead the much needed advocacy programs in health and education.

Our focus is explicitly on the well being, social position and rights of the individual to basic health care and education. MAM foundation’s current ‘Program’ approach stems from a redrawn vision, under which working with partners on projects has been overlapped with holistic, long term, deep impact “programs” that work directly with key populations to ensure that the root causes of lack of access to the health care and education in the underprivileged communities are tackled strategically and collaboratively.

MAM foundation continues its transition, seeking more appropriate paradigms of development to ensure that we remain a catalyst for change, thereby bringing hope to all people in education and health.

To provide Education and Health Intervention Programs throughout deprived and rural communities in Ghana, thereby providing hope and comfort to all.

To become the number one not-for-profit organization championing the educational and health needs of rural Ghanaian communities.

The goals of the MAM foundation are as follow:


To improve equity in health, and promote healthy lifestyles in deprived Communities

To set up a sustainable health financing system for health promotion interventions in rural and under-deprived communities.

To lead in advocacy programs to raise public awareness about health as a priority and a human right.

To assist with the improvement of health care delivery for the benefit of all people in the deprived and rural communities.

To reduce child and maternal mortality ratio by providing basic health education and access to health facilities to the under deprived and rural communities.


To support with the provision of resources to all deprived basic educational schools.

To Support with the provision of basic education to the illiterate section of the deprived communities

To assist with computerization of deprived schools to enhance teaching and learning.

To Create educational awareness through advocacy among the local communities of rural areas.