Our sponsors share our vision, passion and interest in reaching out to the poor and under-privileged communities. Sponsorship of MAM is a great way to support the under-privileged, thereby bringing a smile on the faces of these people. You can choose to sponsor a project or an aspect of a project, through the donation of cash for the project. We currently have three levels of yearly sponsorship:


Membership is open to all, who are committed to support the MAM foundation projects and programs. Normally registered members commit a token monthly amount towards the course of MAM programs and projects. These members are sent copies of MAM Foundations quarterly Newsletter, which gives reports and highlights of all MAM foundation’s programs and projects. Registered members are accorded with all the rights and privileges. They can therefore attend and vote at all annual general delegates conferences.


In the heart of MAM Foundation, activities are volunteerism. MAM believes Volunteers build a stronger, more vibrant community, brightening the lives of our children, families, the aged, and neighborhoods. Research shows that organization’s that encourage employee volunteerism get more than they give. In fact, employee volunteerism can improve staff morale, better office relationships, increase productivity, and raise job satisfaction. Studies also show that organizations with volunteer programs have higher staff retention rates and are more attractive to people seeking employment. MAM, as a non-profit and non-governmental organization, encourages and facilitates member’s regular volunteerism activity.

MAM uses the following questions to help members find an opportunity that is fun, fulfilling and beneficial to the community.

  1. What am I really passionate about?
  2. How much time can I give?
  3. Do I want to volunteer alone or with a group?
  4. What skills do I offer?
  5. Do I want to work directly with people or behind the scenes?

All outstanding volunteers are presented with special awards in recognition of their voluntarism at the association’s annual awards and dinner program. Here’s one thing we know – volunteers are at the heart of non-profits. Another thing we know – recognizing volunteers for a job well done keeps them coming back!